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Finance house is a public joint stock company headquartered in Abu-Dhabi, established on March 13th 2004.

The company is the first independent finance company is UAE, They commenced their operations in July 2004.

They have branches in Dubai and Sharjah, their main activities consist of consumer and commercial finance.

Since inception, they have established the brand in UAE market and been recognized as a good financial company.

Finance House Mission

The company’s mission is to be more responsive with their clients and to provide exceptional financial service through their dedicated staffs.


They have a great vision to be a leader in financial domain by providing exceptional financial services and with their unique products.

If you are looking forward to build your career in the finance industry, you must try to get an opportunity to work in Finance House. You will definitely face challenges to meet your daily targets.

However, it is also rewarding, and you will be happy with the experience and knowledge you will gain during the tenure.

If you are passionate and determined individual, and have eagerness to accelerate your career,

than you can definitely submit your Resume in their official mail id (

They have wide range opportunities for new talents and specially for those who are really passionate about their career.

They offer very competitive salary and benefits along with a very positive work environment.

If you are looking for a challenging career in a very dynamic company, you can definitely submit your CV now for their consideration.

Before you submit your cv in their official portal, please do follow few important steps to get shortlisted easily: –

  1. Before you apply always try to update your LinkedIn profile with your latest accomplishments and experience.
  2. Make an outstanding cover letter to stand out in the pool.
  3. Read about the company’s product and services in their official website.
  4. Try to connect with the existing employees of the company and try to build a good relation.
  5. Lastly submit your CV with proper experience and your last accomplishments.

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