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Career Tips for an INFJ (Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging)


INFJ, what kind of career will make an INFJ (Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging) happy?

Here some key things that you’re going to want to look out for in your career if you’re an INFJ.

If you searched for the term INFJ you might already know what it stands for, but in case you forgot or you’re new to this.

The “I” is for introverted, so you get your energy by spending time alone.

The “N” is for intuitive, so you are naturally inclined to ideas and concepts rather than facts and a whole bunch of data. The “F” is for feeling.

You make decisions based on your gut feeling and the “J” is for judging and what that means is you like organization and structure. It’s not about judging other people.

INFJ is one of 16 personality types by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers. And if you’re an INFJ, you, my friend, are very rare because less than 2% of the population is an INFJ.

One thing I would like to mention about personality assessments, is a personality assessment result doesn’t define you as a person, but they can be used as excellent tools to help you see yourself and help you relate to the world and help you accept yourself for who you are and be okay with it.

So keep that in mind. Anytime you take a personality assessment it doesn’t define who you are, but it can really help you in life.

All right, so now to the fun stuff.

What should an INFJ keep in mind to be happy at work?

Let’s talk about work setting in general. Well, you like structure, you like organization, so it’s going to be important for you to have spaces that you can clearly setup that are defined, organized and then also a structure or a routine to your day.

You’re going to have a hard time with different aspects that are more spontaneous and it’s not that you can’t handle any, it’s just that you prefer to operate mostly in a structured environment.


One thing that’s very important for INFJ’s is the need for you to serve for a mission or a purpose that betters humanity.

You are going to find that you do your best work and you enjoy your work more when there’s a cause that you’re working towards or for, and since you’re introverted, you’re really going to enjoy some quiet space.

INFJ’s do not like to be interrupted in their work, and so if you happen to be in a shared environment where there’s cubicles or an open area where there’s a lot of different people working, it’s going to be a bit challenging for you.

And so it would be good idea to really try to segment your time or try to even wear earbuds or headphones or something with white noise just so that you can really maintain your focus and not be interrupted.

INFJ’s tend to love research. They love finding information and learning more, and so an INFJ would likely be very happy to show up to work and have an organized space and then be able to research something for a project and then deliver an end result that helps advance humanity in an ideal scenario.

INFJ’s do their best work when they can be autonomous and they can control a bit of their schedule, where they’re working, when they’re working.

That is going to make an INFJ very happy. And then INFJ’s need some kind of creativity, and now creativity can come in many different flavors whether it’s writing creatively, photography, hobbies, painting, that sort of thing, but it can also come through creative idea expression as well.

If you’re an INFJ reading this article, comment below. I would love to hear some of the work settings that you’re in that you’re enjoying.

Now let’s talk about some bad settings for an INFJ. Now I know in a perfect world you would get all of those boxes checked off your list and you’d enjoy your work and sometimes we have to go to work and do things that we don’t necessarily want to do or don’t fit our personality traits.

So, if you have been struggling with something at work, you might see yourself in these or it might prompt you to notice something that’s not quite right for you and it might give you the incentive you need to make a change.

INFJ’s do not like interruptions, so working in a cubicle or a shared space is going to be challenging. INFJ’s do not thrive on continuous, small, routine tasks and so if there’s something in your job that you have to do that’s really small, but it’s like a required part.

I think of it like paperwork, but that’s not necessarily the case for an INFJ. An INFJ would rather be doing a large, complex problem instead of these monotonous, routine tact-orient things. And so if you have any control over it, avoid those activities.

But if you don’t, then you can stack maybe some of those monotonous activities and then reward yourself with something enjoyable that you would rather do afterwards.

INFJ’s thrive when they can do work that has a resolution or a finish to it, and so INFJ’s are excellent at starting a project, organizing it, and then finishing it and they get a great deal of satisfaction for finishing it.

And so if they are put in apposition or if you are put in a position where you get to start all these amazing projects and you have this vision going, but you don’t get to actually finish any of them, that’s going to be very frustrating for an INFJ, so if you’ve got a slow boss that doesn’t maybe make decisions and let you move forward or if you’ve got the dynamic at work is a lot of open ideas that don’t actually get resolved, that’s going to be very frustrating for you.

Let’s talk about coworkers. You all enjoy working with people who share similar values as you of working towards a cause. So something that can help advance humanity, advance people, help people make positive change in their lives.

Even though you’re introverted as an INFJ, you still work well in groups, you listen attentively, and you give your feedback.

You let everyone share their point of view and then behind the scenes your mind is likely calculating how you can make all of this work together.

INFJ’s don’t typically like to be the center of attention, but you will provide enough value in a group setting and insight that can help achieve the goal that you’re trying to accomplish.

An INFJ may struggle in a work environment that moves super quick because an INFJ is more reflective, likes to really think about, plan out in their mind, and so if personality traits on the team are quick moving, they want the decision now, now, now, that’s going to be difficult for an INFJ because they need time to think and that’s okay.

Now here are some tips that can help make you happier as an INFJ at work. Time blocking for small tasks that are routine and annoying.

So if you can schedule some time on your calendar and just show up and do those tasks, get it done, don’t procrastinate on them and then reward yourself with something afterwards to help make them not be so annoying.

Another tip to help you be happier is set deadlines for yourself.

An INFJ will tend to conceptualize things in your mind and keep thinking about things and analyzing and then at some point it’s going to cross into over-analyzing and so if you can set yourself a deadline, then that will keep your projects moving, and it’ll keep things going more smoothly.

And, of course, depending on your office setting, find some quiet space where you can do work that’s uninterrupted. If you do work in that shared group, find a lunch place that’s quiet. Or after work take some time to be quiet and recharge so that you can get away.

If you are able to, find some space at work maybe that’s away from your normal desk so that you can work on a project uninterrupted and you will get a lot more done.

One thing that’s important to talk about is why we need INFJ’s in the world. As I mentioned earlier, INFJ’s are only 2% of the general population. So if you ever feel a bit out of place or like you just don’t fit in, that’s true.

You are rare. So if you’re an INFJ, I would love to hear from you. Comment below if you’ve ever felt like you’re just not fitting in, you’re out of place.

An INFJ can bring so much to the workforce. AN INFJ is the perfect person for a project, a complex project because INFJ’s will think about it, they’ll analyze it from all angles.

They have what it takes to get it started, to execute the pieces and to finish it. And the world needs an INFJ because INFJ’s are driven to support people through positive change, and we all could use a little bit of that for sure.

And an INFJ has a very valuable place on the team because they are such good listeners and they can help keep the harmony in a group.

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